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RE/MAX Power Realty FAQ

I Have Multiple Properties in the Phoenix area, Can RE/MAX Power Realty Manage Them?

We specialize in the East Valley - Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and San Tan Valley. If you have property in 3 different cities, we can even offer you a discount

Can RE/MAX Power Realty Find a Tenant, but I Will Manage the Property?

Unfortunately, no

Tenants managed by third-parties can provide unique challenges and difficulties. Allowing us to manage the tenant and the property is in the best interest of all parties
What if the Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent?

One of RE/MAX Power Realty's responsibilities is to collect rent. If tenants have not paid by the 10th of the month, a 5-Day Notice to Vacate for Non-Payment is sent to them. If a payment is still not given, courts will be involved. No costs are incurred by property owners until courts are involved; these fees will have to be paid by owners until reimbursed by tenants

What About Late Fees?

Tenants are charged late fees based on their lease - usually starting on the 3rd day of the month and continuing at $10/day until paid. Your management agreement with RE/MAX Power Realty allows us to keep the late fees. We do this for two reasons:
1) When we can negotiate with tenants over their balance, they are more inclined to bring in their past due rent. We consider late fees to be our negotiating buffer - tenants appreciate the gesture and you receive your full rent payment. And we make sure you’re paid first
2) Collecting late fees helps us keep our management fees low. We have not increased our fees for over 5 years

Who Pays for Repairs?


The homeowner is ultimately responsible for repairs. When the tenant contacts us with a repair request, RE/MAX Power Realty creates a work order that is sent to both the homeowner and the contractor. By signing our property management agreement, you give us permission to complete repairs costing less than $250 or needed on an emergency basis to protect the health and safety of the tenant and/or your investment

If the contractor informs us the repair is due to tenant neglect, the tenant is billed for the repair

If you have a Home Warranty policy on your property, we send all repairs through the home warranty company

If larger repairs (new HVAC, carpeting, painting) are necessary, we ask the homeowner pay the contractor directly

What Mark-Up Does RE/MAX Power Realty Charge for Repairs and Services?


RE/MAX Power Realty never adds a mark-up to invoices. We pay for repairs and services from your rental income and send you a copy of the Contractor’s Invoice for your records

Can I Choose My Own Contractors?


Just let us know how to set up your account and any instructions you may have

What About My Property's HOA?

HOA Fees: As the homeowner, we ask you pay the HOA assessment. If you require the tenant pay the assessment and he defaults, the HOA will put a lien on your property - not the tenant’s. RE/MAX Power Realty can make sure the assessments are paid every month from your rental income

HOA Compliance: The tenant is responsible for making sure the property stays up to HOA standards by maintaining the CC&R's. Tenants are responsible for most fines incurred during their occupancy and can be evicted for non-compliance with HOA regulations

Do You Have a Pet Policy? 

Your pet policy is our pet policy

If you do not want tenants with pets, we have a “No Pet” policy.  If you prefer dogs to cats, our policy is “No Cats.” For insurance purposes, and to protect your investment, we do not accept any pet on the “dangerous breeds” or “exotic animal” list. We do not accept puppies (under 24 months) or dogs larger than 75 pounds
What About a Smoking Policy? 

All of our properties are non-smoking

What if I Want to Sell the Property?

We can help you with anything Real Estate related. From buying, selling, and investing to Property Management. RE/MAX Power Realty is your most powerful ally in the market 

How Can We Get in Contact?
You can contact us via e-mail, phone, or in-person at our office. All of our contact info is listed below: 
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Office Phone: (480) 850-5858
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